Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping still alive? This seems to be a question that many fans of the popular reality TV show have been asking.

Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping still alive? The Answer

Marley, the beloved dog of Justin Stamper from the popular reality TV show “Zombie House Flipping,” is indeed alive and well, contrary to any rumors suggesting otherwise. As a significant part of the team, Marley’s presence brings a unique charm to the show, which focuses on the renovation of decrepit homes.

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Rumors about Marley’s Death

The rumors about dog Marley from Zombie House Flipping’s death are unfounded. It is important not to believe everything you hear or read online, as false information can easily spread. No one has not made any official statements about his alleged death, and there is no credible evidence to suggest that he is no longer with us.

Furthermore, recent public appearances by Marley indicate that he is very much alive. While he may have been keeping a low profile, he has been spotted in various social media posts and videos alongside his fellow cast members. These appearances serve as proof that Marley is still actively involved in the show and enjoying his life.

Who Is Marley from Zombie House Flipping?

Marley from Zombie House Flipping is a beloved member of the cast. He is a dog owned by skilled contractor and house flipper Justin Stamper, known for his expertise in renovating zombie properties. Justin’s passion for breathing new life into dilapidated homes has made him an essential part of the show’s success.

Recent episodes and public appearances confirm Marley’s active involvement with the crew. His energy and spirit are undeniable as he accompanies Justin and the rest of the team through their adventures in transforming neglected properties into desirable homes. The bond between Justin and Marley also highlights a heartwarming aspect of the show, providing viewers with not only insights into house flipping but also the value of companionship.

Marley, owned by Justin Tamper – Source: Facebook

Are Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly Married?

No, Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly from Zombie House Flipping are not married to each other. They are business partners and co-stars on the show, but their relationship is strictly professional. While their chemistry on screen may suggest otherwise, both Justin and Ashlee have separate personal lives outside of the show.

Justin Stamper is a real estate investor and contractor with a successful career in the industry. Ashlee Casserly is a designer and real estate agent, known for her creativity and vision when it comes to transforming homes. Together, they make a formidable team on Zombie House Flipping, but their romantic lives are not intertwined.

What Happened to the Guy with the Dog on Zombie House Flipping?

The “guy with the dog” on Zombie House Flipping refers to Keith Ori, another cast member on the show. Keith is known for his construction skills and his trusty sidekick, a dog named Duke. Keith and Duke have become fan favorites, as their dynamic adds an extra layer of entertainment to the show.

As of now, Keith and Duke are fine. They continue to be an integral part of the Zombie House Flipping team, working alongside Marley and the rest of the cast to transform neglected properties into beautiful homes.

Final Words

In conclusion, Marley from Zombie House Flipping is indeed still alive. The rumors surrounding his death are entirely unfounded, and there is no credible evidence to support such claims. Marley continues to be an essential part of the show and has been spotted in recent public appearances. He, along with his fellow cast members, remains dedicated to revitalizing rundown properties and bringing them back to life. So rest assured, Marley is flourishing and continuing to make a positive impact in the world of house flipping.