Is Susan Lucci still alive? This is a question that fans of the iconic actress often ask, given her illustrious career and impact on the television industry.

Is Susan Lucci Still Alive? The Answer

Yes, Susan Lucci is indeed still alive. The television legend continues to inspire many with her vibrant presence and ongoing contributions to the entertainment world.

Hoaxes about Susan Lucci have been numerous. Some falsely pretended that Susan Lucci struggled with chronic sinusitis, enduring facial pain, pressure, and congestion, often accompanied by nasal discharge and difficulty breathing through the nose.

Susan Lucci being still alive
Susan Lucci: still alive or not? – Image Source

Susan Lucci’s Health Status

Susan Lucci is in good health. Despite the speculations and baseless rumors, she has had no recent health issues reported, and continues to maintain her health with an active lifestyle and wellness practices.

A Lesser-Known Fact About Susan Lucci’s Health

In the past, Susan Lucci did face a serious health scare when she underwent surgery for a blocked heart artery. This significant moment in her life led her to become an advocate for heart health awareness, particularly for women.

Since then, Lucci has worked with the American Heart Association and shared her experience to educate others about the risks of heart disease. She has become a symbol of resilience, transforming a personal challenge into an opportunity to help others.

Susan Lucci alive and kicking
Susan Lucci has often been the subject of death rumours – Image Source

What is Susan Lucci doing now?

Susan Lucci is still an actress, actively involved in the arts and charity work.

Recently, Susan Lucci continues to be active in entertainment. She has also dedicated herself to philanthropic efforts and routinely speaks at events for various causes. While the details of her latest projects may be private, her influence in both television and charity remains strong.

How old is Susan Lucci?

Susan Lucci is 76 years old and continues to showcase the vitality and energy she is known for.

Susan Lucci alive and kicking
Susan Lucci has often been the subject of death rumours – Image Source

Where does Susan Lucci currently live?

Susan Lucci lives in New York, USA, where she enjoys her life and stays connected with her audience and fans.

How many children does Susan Lucci have?

Susan Lucci has 2 children, Liza Huber and Andreas Huber, who have grown to build their own lives while remaining close to their famous mother.

Susan Lucci is not dead
Susan Lucci has a fruitful life – Image Source

What is Susan Lucci’s net worth?

Susan Lucci’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million, accumulated through years of working in the entertainment industry and other business ventures.

Aside from her portrayal as Erica Kane on “All My Children,” which garnered her widespread fame, Lucci is also an entrepreneur with her line of hair care products, perfumes, lingerie, and skin care. Furthermore, she has authored a memoir, “All My Life,” which details her career and personal experiences.

Final Words

So, is Susan Lucci still alive? Absolutely, and she continues to thrive in various aspects of her career and personal life, making her an exemplary figure for many who aspire to maintain relevance and vivacity throughout their lives.