Is Yao Ming still alive? This question echoes across the internet as fans and onlookers sift through the latest buzz surrounding the former NBA star’s wellbeing. Given his status as one of basketball’s global icons, it’s no wonder that his life continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Is Yao Ming Still Alive? The Answer

Yes, Yao Ming is indeed still alive. Contrary to sporadic internet whispers and social media murmurs, the towering figure in basketball history remains very much with us. The rumors of his demise are unfounded and can be categorized as typical internet hoaxes or instances of misinformation.

Hoaxes about Yao Ming have been numerous. Some falsely pretended that Yao Ming battled with chronic sinusitis, experiencing facial pain, congestion, and difficulty breathing through the nose. These particular rumors were quickly dispelled, revealing the resilience of fake news in the realm of celebrity status and health. Thankfully, factual information has prevailed, and we can confidently confirm that Yao Ming is alive and active.

Yao Ming being still alive
Yao Ming: still alive or not? – Image Source

Yao Ming’s Health Status

Yao Ming is in good health, having retired from professional basketball due to chronic foot and ankle injuries years ago. Despite the physical demands and past injuries from his athletic career, no recent health issues have been reported. The former athlete is often spotted at various events, looking healthy and well.

Contributions to Sports and Beyond

Since his retirement, Yao Ming has been dedicated to more than just sports. He’s made significant contributions to society, particularly in wildlife conservation efforts. As an ambassador to the WildAid campaign, Yao works to combat the illegal wildlife trade, raising awareness against the consumption of shark fins and elephant ivory. His visibility and influence have brought much-needed attention to these critical issues.

In addition, Yao has been an advocate for basketball development in China. His contributions extend beyond his individual acclaim, focusing on nurturing the sport’s growth within his home country. His efforts demonstrate a commitment to fostering opportunities for future generations of athletes.

Yao Ming alive and kicking
Yao Ming has often been the subject of death rumours – Image Source

What is Yao Ming doing now?

Yao Ming is still a former professional basketball player who has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a sports executive and impactful advocate for change. His post-retirement journey has seen him don many hats, from running the Shanghai Sharks basketball team to presiding over the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

Former Houston Rockets star Yao Ming stepped down as head of China’s struggling national basketball league in May 2023. An eight-time NBA All-Star, Yao had been leading efforts to commercialize the top-tier 20-team Chinese Basketball Association Management Company since his appointment in 2017.

How old is Yao Ming?

Yao Ming is 42 years old as of 2023. Despite being relatively young, especially when you consider the life expectancy in modern times, Yao has already accomplished more than many do in a lifetime.

Yao Ming alive and kicking
Yao Ming has often been the subject of death rumours – Image Source

Where does Yao Ming currently live?

Yao Ming lives in Shanghai, China, where he remains an influential figure both within the confines of basketball and in broader cultural and conservation efforts.

How many children does Yao Ming have?

Yao Ming has 1 child, a daughter named Amy, who was born to him and his wife, Ye Li, a former Chinese basketball player herself.

Yao Ming is not dead
Yao Ming has a fruitful life – Image Source

What is Yao Ming’s net worth?

Yao Ming’s net worth is estimated at about $120 million. His success on the basketball court and his business and humanitarian endeavors contribute to this substantial figure.

During his career, Yao Ming set numerous records and significantly helped bridge the connections between the NBA and the burgeoning Chinese basketball market. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. Beyond sports, Yao has also been actively involved in the world of philanthropy, establishing the Yao Ming Foundation which focuses on education and healthcare for children.

Final Words

As we sift through the tide of information and disinformation, it’s reassuring to know that Yao Ming is still alive and continues to make a positive impact in various realms. Despite his on-court retirement, he has thrived in roles that have deepened his legacy. The rumors of his passing remind us of our collective responsibility to seek truth amidst the noise of the digital age. Yao Ming’s journey from basketball giant to towering figure in cultural and social activism is a testament to the diverse paths a person’s life can take.